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"SANITEK's mission is to organise medical and health information in a useful and accessible way to connect those who have a problem with those who can solve it".

Meaning and objectives

There is only one way to treat and cure: the best, for each patient.

For Sanitek, the patient is at the centre, not the pathology. Each patient is, first and foremost, a person, different from every other and with specific needs and requirements.

This is why we wanted to create a place where patients and professionals can meet. In this way we want to make it possible to find the best treatment pathway for one's own case, for one's own clinical history, with the help of the best professionals, centres and qualified associations.

Health on the web

The Internet is now the primary source for research into physical and mental health and well-being. All too often, however, finding reliable answers from experts is difficult.



This is the percentage of the Swiss population that searches online for topics related to health and health professionals.


We are therefore increasingly looking on the web for a doctor suited to our needs, assessing mainly on the basis of symptoms and the experiences of other patients. 


But which to choose?

SANITEK aims to meet this need by guiding users to the most suitable choice for their needs, while ensuring quality contacts and accelerating networking and business opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Patients and Caregivers

Looking for the best healthcare professional? Finding the most suitable one for your symptoms, nearby and with a good reputation is not easy!


We help patients and professionals/centres to get in touch easily and quickly. This makes it possible to meet the needs of each person.

Professionals and Centres

Being visible on the web is not easy, but with Sanitek it's as simple as a click! Create your professional profile and get in touch with your patients.

Are you a Patient or Caregiver?
Find out more

Find in a few clicks the professional or centre you are looking for.


Are you a professional, a centre or an association?

Get in touch with thousands of patients quickly and easily.


Who is Sanitek?

Branding, Advertising, Digital Media and Marketing?

SANITEK is a Swiss brand. A product of LAPIX Sagl.

But above all it is:

A digital meeting place between users seeking health information and professionals.

An innovative promotional platform for national and international health and insurance brands.

A portal that attracts different market segments, depending on the company's objectives.

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