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Triangolo Association

Palliative care at home throughout the Canton of Ticino

Objectives and values

The name "Triangolo" and its three vertices symbolise the search for a good balance between the relational poles of the cancer patient:

  • the patient himself

  • the carers

  • the family environment

Triangolo focuses on the patient's needs and quality of life, on support during the various stages of the illness and treatment, and on solidarity and sharing with the patient, family members and neighbours.

The support of Triangolo's professionals and volunteers enables the patient to avoid long stays in hospital and to benefit from adequate care at home.

By coordinating all the resources available in the area, Triangolo reduces the risk of social isolation of the patient and family.

Solidarity, accompaniment and sharing for a professional support service in Ticino palliative care


Continuity of care is the cornerstone of Triangolo's assistance activities.

Collaboration between the oncologist, who is in charge of the treatment project, and Triangolo's professionals and volunteers guarantees the patient comprehensive and global care.

An oncological diagnosis, despite the progress of treatment, has implications that affect all spheres of the patient, not only somatically, but also psychologically, socially and existentially.

The patient who chooses to be assisted by Triangolo has the support of the team of professionals and volunteers from the moment of diagnosis.

The Association works in a network with local services and family doctors to optimise home care.

Free services

  • Voluntary service

  • Social service

  • Home palliative care service if not paid for by the Sickness Insurance Funds

  • Psycho-oncology service if not paid for by the Sickness Insurance Funds

We offer individual and holistic care:

  • Coordination and support of medical and nursing care at home to ensure optimal palliative and pain relief care

  • Psycho-oncological counselling and support

  • Social counselling (for financial problems, professional reintegration, etc.)

  • Coordination of volunteer services (presence, listening, dialogue, sharing, help and support in daily life, transport for treatment)


Centro Triangolo
Via Ciseri 19
6600 Locarno
Tel 091 751 82 41
Fax 091 751 82 33


Associazione Triangolo
Via Fogazzaro 3
6900 Lugano
Tel 076 543 24 49
Fax 091 922 74 75

Palliative Care Service

Centro Triangolo
Via Ciseri 19
6600 Locarno
Tel 091 751 02 02
Fax 091 751 01 17



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